Increase the Light and Joy of Your Family Chanukah with these Chanukah Resources

There are so many ways to celebrate Chanukah: through food, music, games, clothing and entertainment. And yes, through gifts. For each of our designated age/grade cohorts, we provide resources to increase the joy of your Chanukah celebration by providing links to some of our favorite books, games, crafts, music, videos, decorations, and gifts.

These are just a very small sample of what is available to you and your family to elevate the pride and joy of this Jewish holiday. 

We do encourage parents to carefully check for accuracy of items you may find on your own (i.e. having the correct Hebrew letters on dreidels and dreidel images; having a nine-branched menorah with the Shamash being offset; correct Chanukah terminology). 

For kids 0-99+, check out this comprehensive list of all of the movies and show episodes about Chanukah that you can stream on Disney+.