Chanukah Activities

You want me to do HOW MANY activities? EIGHT? Well, if you want to. For the families who would like guided activities for each night of Chanukah, we make it easy. While the activities are numbered in the downloadable PDFs for specific nights, they do NOT have to be done in any specific order. You may choose to do one activity over multiple nights or skip some nights due to other family commitments. You may choose to combine two activities into one night and utilize a STEAM activity for another. If your child(ren) is off from school or it’s the weekend, you may want to do multiple activities in one day. Just enjoy it!

Please note, we are providing one Chanukah activity for each night of the holiday for each of our pre-designated age/grade cohorts. We recognize that some families may have children spanning across each target group.  We encourage you to take a look at each of the activities and adapt them for your family’s specific needs.