Addressing Antisemitism 6-8

  • The American Psychological Association stresses that for children in groups that are likely to be targets of discrimination, it is vital for parents to have ongoing, honest discussions with their child rather than shying away from the subject.
  • Find opportunities for allyship – If someone else is being bullied or discriminated against, how can we support them? How would you want to be supported by others? You can highlight groups and individuals who have spoken up against antisemitism, including Muslim groups that have raised money to help repair Jewish tombstones that were damaged in local cemeteries as a show of support and solidarity. 
  • Work to develop healthy responses to hurtful discriminatory statements. For example, “Excuse me? Could you repeat that?” “What a hurtful thing to say.” “I disagree with you and here’s why…”
  • Take some time to learn about Jewish history as a family – how have we arrived to the place where we are today? What does your child hope that the Jewish future will look like?